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Edinburgh Doors Open Day 2014

Posted on 10 Jun 2014 by Marion

Thank you to all those venues who have submitted entries for this year's event. We are looking through them all this week and will let you know by next week if you are to be included in the programme.

The theme for this year is Sustainable Edinburgh. We will have another exciting weekend on 27/28 September!

The programme will also include a series of talks in the week running up to the event. These will run at lunch times and evenings from Monday 22 - Friday 26 September

The Edinburgh Public Gardens and Squares Conference takes place on Friday 26 September


Brochures will be sent to our members in mid-August and are available to the public from 1 September

Our facebook page and website will keep you up to date


If you are able to donate towards the costs of the event that would be most welcome - 

Although the event is free to the public it costs us £25k to organise!


Thank you